Dementia care

Dementia  (formerly known as Alzheimer's disease )is a common disease in the elderly. In our care homes and day care centres, elderly with dementia account for about 60% of the total number of residents.

Our occupational therapists and social workers regularly provide cognitive and behavioral training for the elderly suffering from dementia to enhance their memory function and reduce emotional problems. A "Reminiscence Corner" has been established in Lai Yiu Care Home , using 'Reminiscence Approach' to help them maintain their memory. ; Multi-sensory treatment service has also been introduced in the Care Homes' demented elderly, especially those in the late stage.

At Zhaoqing Home for the Elderly in China, there is even a Special Care Section for the elderly with dementia, providing them with more professional care.

Dementia Education



Dementia Education


Although Dementia is common, family members are often not aware of it and fail to detect or deal with the impairment in memory, orientation, adaptability, self-care, understanding and expression, and emotional control at an early stage, which may even cause conflicts in life, relationships and language, causing stress to both parties.

At our Homes, we provide professional counselling, co-care skills and social resource referrals to help relieve the stress of the family members or carers of the elderly. We have also organized seminars, talks and exchange groups to promote knowledge exchange on dementia.

For the elderly and families in the community, we recommend making good use of community resources. There are one-stop service and training providers in Hong Kong for people with dementia. Recommended Link :
Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing

Recommended Books
Dr DAI LOK KWAN DAVID Publications:「Listen to 60 Signs from Your Body 」