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  2nd Seminar on Cross-Border Elderly Service
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Keynote Speech: “Voucher Scheme” & Cross-border Elderly service -Implication and Incentive
The Hon. Wong Kwok Kin, BBS
Plenary 1: “Voucher Scheme” & the implementation
Mr. Henry Shie
Plenary 2: The benefits and limitations of the “Voucher Scheme”
Mr. Ng Wai Tung
Plenary 3: Cross-border elderly service – from the point of view of a caregiver
Ms Chan Fat Chuen
Plenary 4: Cross-border Elderly Service and medical support
Dr. David Dai, JP
Plenary 5: Long Term Care needs for Older People and Cross-border Elderly Services
Professor Claudia Lai



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  • 2nd Seminar on Cross-Border Elderly Service
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