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Helping Hand HealthBank Cookie Campaign 2018

Join our signature fundraiser “Helping Hand HealthBank Cookie Campaign 2018” and give a helping hand to the elderly. Buy the cookies and pandas and share the loving spirit with your dearest family members and friends!

We are honoured to have the continuous support of HealthBank as our “Principal Sponsor”. We are also grateful to have the “Privileged Sponsor” Green Huge Ltd, together with four “Caring Sponsors” namely Haitong International Securities Group Ltd, Chicks, Jia Meng Holdings Ltd and Yifung Holdings, joining this year’s Campaign. We are indebted to superstar Jacky Cheung as well for making himself again the face of the Campaign.

Our charitable cookies are available from Dec for order at HK$40 per pack. Every smart gift box will contain two traditional Chinese Cookies supplied by Saint Honore Cake Shop. You may also opt to buy a new 2018 “Elegant Pandaexclusively at HK$20 (HK$30 before discount) when you order a pack of cookies. This year the pair of boy and girl pandas look stylish and wonderful and we hope both children and adults will like them! They are absolutely perfect gifts for festivals and blessing presents for birthdays or any occasion! Buy a pair for your kids and friends while stock lasts! All parties and individuals are welcome to download the order form here or contact us for consignment sale. All proceeds will be used to support the elderly services of Helping Hand.

We are also organising the Inter-school Cookie Competition from 4 Dec 2017 to 8 Feb 2018 and universities, colleges, schools and kindergartens are welcome to take part!

Double the giving: If you would like to stretch your donation and support both Helping Hand and others in Hong Kong, you can buy our cookies or pandas which we will donate to other needy groups in the community. Last year, the beneficiary groups included Down syndrome sufferers, students with intellectual disabilities, deprived families, underprivileged children, victims of domestic violence, solitary elderly, the handicapped, chronic disease sufferers and street sleepers.




Helping Hand HealthBank Cookie Campaign 2017

Buy a cookie. Support the elderly.

The “Helping Hand HealthBank Cookie Campaign 2017” was over which successfully raised HK$4M to support our elderly homes and services.  We would like to extend our thanks to all buyers of cookies and pandas, sponsors, donors, volunteers and supporters.  We were particularly grateful to our “Principal Sponsor” HealthBank for their full support.

On 18 Feb we organised our “Share Cookies Share Love Day” event at Hysan Place again and our thanks go to Hysan Development Co Ltd for providing us with such a wonderful venue at no cost.  Led by the officiating guest the Hon Ronald Arculli, GBM, CVO, GBS, OBE, JP, a galaxy of stars including Mr Hoffman Cheng, ReVe, Mr Alan Ho, Mr Simon On and Miss Carisa Yan lined up on the stage for the event.  We were also much honoured to have superstar Mr Louis Koo selling cookies for us who attracted crowds of people to support!  We were thankful to our loyal media partner Metro Broadcast Corporation Ltd for advertising the event on their channels, and Mr William Lam for acting as the Master of Ceremonies again.

The champion award of the Inter-school Cookie Competition was presented publicly on the “Share Cookies Share Love Day” and we are also visiting all winning schools to present in front of the students.  Our congratulations to these winning schools:

Champion         :  W F Joseph Lee Primary School

1st Runner-up   :  Lingnan Kindergarten & Day Nursery (Siu Sai Wan)

2nd Runner-up  :  Sha Tin Wai Dr Catherine F Woo Memorial School

3rd Runner-up  :  SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School

4th Runner-up  :  Tak Sun School

We first introduced our “Double the Giving Action” in 2008 and were delighted to see the growing support from companies and individuals who bought cookies and pandas and then donated to other needy people in the community.  This year we raised a total donation of a record-breaking $500K through this scheme alone.  The beneficiaries, apart from our own residents, included the Down Syndrome sufferers, ethnic minority groups, deprived families, underprivileged children and those living in small group homes, victims of domestic violence, solitary elderly living in the community, the handicapped, chronic disease sufferers and street sleepers.

To show our appreciation to our elderly residents and volunteers who participated in the cookie selling this year, we organised a Thank-you Lunch Party on 26 Apr.  Over a hundred of old folks, sponsors, volunteers and guests spent a happy afternoon together.  We were grateful for the kind donations from Morinda Hong Kong Ltd and our committee member Mrs Siemen Mok to support the lunch cost.

Behind the success of our Cookie Campaign every year, there is a group of elderly residents and volunteers who have given invaluable efforts to the charity sale.  Despite advanced years, they sell with vigor and sincerity, and are proud of being able to support their own Helping Hand family and help others in need.  If you have a chance to see them selling cookies, please render your support!


We need your continued support to help us keep our elderly smiling! 

For more information or Home visit, 
please contact our Fundraising & PR Office: 
Tel: 2522 4494 
Fax: 2840 1278 






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