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Holiday Centre for the Elderly

Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre for the Elderly was built to provide a beautiful retreat for enjoyment of the Hong Kong senior citizens and their carers.

Located at Sai Sha Road, Sai Kung, the Centre has overnight accommodation for 150 people and can cater for an extra 300 people on a day camp basis.  A Special Care Unit has been specially equipped to provide 40 day care places for those seniors who require special care and nursing.


There is a swimming pool with an attached spa, gate ball, lawn bowls, Exercise Room, Karaoke Room and indoor Orchid Garden.
The Aileen Bridgewater Rock Garden was built to give an added feature to the Centre. Campers can enjoy seeing the rocks of four seasons in this garden.
As the first training and caring centre for the demented elderly and their caregivers, the Aileen Bridgewater Caring Centre for the Demented Elderly started to provide services in 2004.
Local seniors aged 55 or above are welcome to make individual or group booking for 2 days to 2 weeks.
If interested fill in and send us the Booking Form (chinese version only).  Please call us if you do not receive our response in 3 days.
For details, please contact the Holiday Centre at 2640-8810




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