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Housing for the Elderly





The three Housing for the Elderly units located in Chuk Yuen, Po Lam and Siu Sai Wan Estates accommodate 355 elderly residents who are able to take care of themselves with minimum assistance.

Two to four residents share a flat with cooking and bathing facilities. Each resident has a private area, bed, cabinet and wardrobe.

There are Rest Rooms, Activity Rooms, Exercise Rooms and Washing Rooms inside the units. All kinds of services are rendered to the residents. There are "couples rooms" available in Po Lam Housing for the Elderly.

Admission Criteria

 aged 60 or above;

 in good health and not suffering from infectious disease;

 be able to take care of themselves;

 in need of housing and willing to live in a big family;

 having income and assets not exceeding the limits set by Helping Hand; (please check with our staff on the actual amount);

 willing to attend meetings and festival celebrations (regular meeting at least once a month and 80% attendance of festival celebrations);

 priority will be given to CSSA recipient or poverty-stricken elderly.

Application through
   Social Welfare Department Family Services Centres;
   Other Non-governmental Organizations;
   Direct application to Helping Hand;
   For details, please contact us at 2522-4494


Helping Hand "Living Well Project" 2005-2008 is supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.







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