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Care & Attention Homes Providing Continuum of Care

Helping Hand provides personalized residential care services for 363 elderly residents at Lai Yiu, Lok Fu and Cheung Muk Tau (near Ma On Shan).  Rehabilitative, social, recreational, educational and developmental activities are organized for the residents.

Professional occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers and nurses are employed to look after the residents in addition to the trained personal care workers.

Out of the 363 Care and Attention places, 20 Infirmary beds are reserved at Lok Fu for those who need special care. "2-Persons Rooms" are available in Lai Yiu Care Home.

A "Reminiscence Corner" has been established in Lai Yiu Care Home to help those elderly residents suffering from Senile Dementia. 'Reminiscence Approach' is used to help them maintain their memory. Multi-sensory treatment service has also been introduced in the Care Homes' demented elderly, especially those in the late stage.


Admission Criteria
  People of 65 or above, in weak health or suffering from functional disabilities and need help to dress, use toilet or feed themselves and lack available appropriate care.

Assessed to be of moderate level of impairment as per MDS-HC assessment, and matched to Care & Attention Home as the recommended service option according to the SCNAMES.

Admission Through
   Social Welfare Department Family Services Centres
   For details, please contact us at  2522-4494.






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